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What is User Account and Type of User Account



Windows 7 allows you to create, configure, and delete user accounts on your computer. Parental Control feature provides a family with safety that allows you to supervise the children activity on PC without them knowing and provides a report of their online activity.

When you migrate your operating system earlier version of Windows operating system to latest version, some of the applications which work on earlier version will not work with the newest version. This is called as a compatibility issue. Windows 7 provides several numbers of solutions to resolve this compatibility issue.

Use Account

Several people can work in a single computer by creating their own accounts. Each user account has unique settings and preferences. Each user account can be configured to set their own desktop background, screen saver, themes, etc. You can create different types of user accounts on a computer. Windows 7 allows you to change, create, and delete a user account.

Types of User Accounts 

Windows 7 provides three different types of user accounts, namely administrator, standard user, and guest user. Different user accounts possess a different level of control over the computer.

Administrator User

The administrator has complete access to the computer. An administrator can make desired changes in your computer settings. An administrator account user account that allows you to make changes that will affect other users of the computer like installing software or changing security settings. The built-in administrator account is disabled, and the account creates by the user himself in used. You need to create a user account when you set up your windows. This account is an administrator account that allows you to setup your computer and installs any programs that you would like to use.

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Standard User

A standard user can do almost all the jobs that you can do with an administrator account expect the changes that effects other user and security of the computer. You can use most program that are installed on the computer, but you can not install or uninstall software and hardware, delete files that are required for the computer to work, or change settings of the computer that affect other users.

Guest User

If you want to allow a person to log on to your computer, and you don't want to allow access, and you don't want to allow him to access all of your files, then you can a guest user account. A guest user account allow to log on to a network, browse the internet, and can shut down the basic. 

You can change the account type of a user account. The step in change account types depends on the network type of user. The computer may be on a domain or workgroup.

1. Click start --->  Contol Panel ---> User Account and Family Safity --> User Account --> Manage another account.

2. Select the account that you want to be change account type and click Change the Account type.

3. Select the account type that you want and then click change account type.

Create a New User Account

Windows 7 allows to create multiple users to on same computers. This allows each individual user to have their own profile on the computer where they can store their personal documents, pictures videos, and other personal data. It allows multiple users on the same computer which permits each individual user to have their own profile on the computer. It is applicable to wear multiple user work on shifts and using a single pc. You must have administrative control to create a new user account.

Changing the account name and account type

Windows 7 allows you to change the name and account type of exciting user account.

Go to Control Panel

Click on User Account and Family Safety

user account
Click on User Accounts

user account

Click on Change your Account Name

user account

Change the user account name and click change name button

user account

Enabling and disabling a guest account 
Windows 7 allows you to enable or disable the guest account. The guest account allows anonymous access to the computer. Disabling this account will prevent "other" from using service you may have left open by mistake.

Deleting an account

Windows 7 allows you to remove an already exciting account if you are not using that account for a long time.

Implementing user account on a shared computer

In the case of a shared computer, the privacy and security of the user account should be maintained for which you can configure the user account. You can protect your data on a shared computer by making your user account password protected.

So, this is a user account and type of user account. I hope you like this. If you have any question please comment below.
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