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How to Use Windows Easy Transfer Step by Step Guide


Windows Easy Transfer step by step guide: In this article, I am going to teach how to transfer data one computer to another using windows easy transfer. Windows Easy Transfer helps to transfer files and settings from your old computer to a new computer.

How to Use Windows Easy Transfer Step by Step Guide

Windows Easy Transfer is an application that helps you to transfer the data such as user accounts, files, and folders, program data files and settings, e-mail messages, settings and contacts, photos, music and videos, Windows settings and internet settings from your old computer to new one.

To access Windows Easy Transfer, click Start ---> All Programs ---> Accessories ---> System Tools ---> Windows Easy Transfer. The Windows Easy Transfer Wizard appears as shown in Figure.

Windows Easy Tansfer

Windows easy transfer wizard allows you to select a method to transfer data. Different methods are mention below:-

Using an Easy transfer cable: Easy transfer cable is a special USB cable that used by Windows Easy Transfer tool to transfer data between computer. To use this method, you need to require an Easy Transfer cable and a USB port on both computers.

Using Network: To use this method, both source and destination computers must be connected to the same network. When you select this method to transfer data from the Windows Easy Transfer wizard, it generates a transfer key on the old computer, and this transfer key should be entered on the new system.

Using USB flash drive or External Storage Device: You can use USB flash drive or external Storage Easy Transfer to transfer data from one computer to another through Windows Easy Transfer. Before using this method, you need to make sure that the USB flash drive has enough storage space to transfer entire data. 

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So, Here is the use of Windows Easy Transfer guide. I hope you like this. If you have any question please comment below.
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